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Join us for workouts and games all summer long! Camps starting weekly from June 3rd - August 9th.
Contact Katie at [email protected]
or call (904) 826-6344 for more info and to register.
If you are a middle school or high school athlete, or have signed up for a fall sport, click below to learn more about our Summer Athlete program.
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"I can’t tell you enough about this place. The coaching is top notch, the members are so great and I can’t wait to get there to workout. Everyone needs a gym like this in their life."
 - Jacqueline Stanley
"I have worked out at many gyms, and The Exchange is the best in everything you look for in a gym. Camaraderie, functional fitness, and proper instruction are just a few things that I love about The Exchange. If you are looking for a place that cares about your overall health, look no further."
 - Jason Dean Lewis
"I've gained an exponential amount of strength and knowledge from the best coaches. I love going there and look forward to seeing all the other members; the community is really what makes the gym enjoyable."
 - Autumn Crosby
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