New Year Classic

One month from now, fully rested from your new year shenanigans, you will have the opportunity to compete in what will undoubtedly be the coolest thing you’ve ever done…The New Year Classic.

If you’re like the other 7 billion inhabitants of this world, you’re probably wondering, “What is this New Year Classic you speak of?”. Funny you should ask!

The NYC (see what I did there 😉 is a fight to the death, no holds barred, Mortal Combat style, light saber wielding, fight to for your very existence.

And by “fight to the death, no holds barred, Mortal Combat style, light saber wielding, fight to for your very existence” I mean it’s an olympic weightlifting competition 🙂

The competition is unsanctioned which means a few things.

  1. You don’t need to register with USA Weightlifting (USAW) before the meet or wear a singlet.
  2. Your total will not be able to make you eligible for a national or state meet.
  3. We still follow the same guidelines of USAW/IWF – basically we lift in kilo’s, we have different weight classes and you will be required to weigh in before the event.

The way a weightlifting competition basically works is this:

  1. You have 3 attempts in the snatch to lift as heavy as possible – power snatches, full snatches, and split snatches are acceptable.
  2. After the snatch session there will be a short break and then you will have 3 attempts in the clean and jerk to lift as heavy as possible – power cleans, full cleans, and split cleans are acceptable. Push jerks, split jerks, and squat jerks are acceptable
  3. There will be winners for each weight class, overall winners (based off sinclair formula), and heaviest snatch and heaviest clean and jerk.

There is a little bit more that goes into but that’s the very basics!

If you are interested in signing up, head here. Cost for registration is $25.



1) General + Scap Jack

2) Sumo Deadlift 5×5 @ 80% – if you’re feeling rocked scale down

3) 5 Rounds with a partner – partner completes 1 full round then rotates – each person must complete 5 rounds

10 KBS (A) 55/35

10 Burpees

100ft Prowler Push @ 45/25


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