Homeostasis and Why We Backslide (Blog Share)

Here is an incredible article about homeostasis and why it’s so easy to move backwards. Please take a few minutes to read this extremely insightful post.

Homeostasis and Why We Backslide

On a side note, I want to touch on a few things to follow up on our programming. As you all have seen, we are offering several options each day for both strength and conditioning. We have had a few questions regarding how to choose which so here is a little bit deeper breakdown.


  • Option 1 will primarily be a barbell movement. This could be variations of squats, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, etc. The volume and intensity will change depending on the cycle, but primarily it will be with a barbell. You could name this option Performance because this might be for the person who is really trying to push their level of fitness performance.
  • Option 2 will be a little bit more volume, using things like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc. It will typically be supersets with a lot of push/pull combos. This option can be categorized as the Lifestyle option, because it will promote a strong healthy lifestyle.

How should I choose?

  • First and foremost you need to take a second and figure out what your goal is. Are you looking to push some boundaries with your fitness? Looking to maybe do a competition? Enjoy working with a barbell? Have a good amount of mobility and/or willing to work on it? Then performance might be a great option for you most of the time. Notice I said most of the time. Choosing Option 1 doesn’t marry you to it everyday. You need to be willing to listen to your body and make adjustments throughout the course of a cycle, month or week.
  • If you’re goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, get stronger, and pushing boundaries doesn’t really interest you most of the time, then Option 2 is the choice that will help you get there. Does this mean you always should do Option 2? Absolutely not! There will be days that you really want to push it and Option 1 makes more sense for you.


  • Option 1 will always be a more technical variation of the workout. This doesn’t mean it’s harder because I can make the simplest workout harder by creating an intense environment, but it will be more technical. You will start to see movements like Bar Muscle Ups, some olympic weightlifting, handstand push-ups, etc.
  • Option 2 will not be as technically advanced. It will also be a great option if you struggle with a certain movement that might be in Option 1 that day because it will give you a chance to get better at it but still maintain a level of intensity throughout the workout.

How should I choose?

  • Before choosing you need to check your ego at the door and decide what is best for your long-term goals. Let’s look at tomorrow’s workout for instance:

Option 1: 21-15-9

OHS @ 95/65




  • If I was looking at that workout and couldn’t overhead squat properly and/or do double unders, that workout from a conditioning standpoint loses it’s level of intensity. Getting better at overhead squatting or double unders shouldn’t happen in the middle of workout. It needs to be worked on during skill/strength sessions or on your own with your coach. So to keep the integrity of this workout intact, I would do Option 2 which you will see at the bottom of this post. It will allow me to work with some level of intensity throughout.

Hope this helps!


1) Pre-activation

SL Glute Bridge each side
Split Squat Hold (10s each side)

2) Warm-up


3) Strength

Option 1)
5×2 Hang Snatch + OHS – AHAP
Start at 65%

Option 2)
10 Min EMOM
4 DB Snatch (L/R)

4) Conditioning

Option 1)
OHS @ 95/65

Option 2)
3 Rounds
16 1A DB OH Walking Lunge (8/8)
50 Singles

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