What is your biggest weakness?

You’re showing up to the gym and putting in the work.

Week after week you show up and after 8, 10, 12, 20 weeks you feel like your spinning your wheels.

You feel stronger, more energy, made some great friends, and really enjoy it! Problem is though…

The visual results aren’t there.


Before we go on, let’s get this out in the open. Not everyone is going to have a six pack, not everyone is going to look like their favorite model, and not everyone is going to reach their dream body.

To think we can is unrealistic and pointing us in the wrong direction.

Aesthetics aren’t something we focus on and preach here at The Exchange, but there is something to say for being able to look in the mirror and being like, “Dang, I look good!”

Which leads us to our question:

What is your biggest weakness?

Why aren’t you getting the results you want?

It might be a couple different things, but I want you to focus on one thing. Find you’re biggest weakness and fix it.

But here’s the secret.

You don’t and shouldn’t do it alone. You have multiple trainers with years of experience ready and able to help you reach any goal you want.

If you can’t personally help you, I guarantee that we know someone that can and we will happily refer you to them.

Please utilize us and let us help you reach your health and wellness goals, especially as we get closer to probably the most glutenous times of the year.

Are you prepared for it?

Or is January 1st going to roll around with you sitting on the couch looking at the huge mountain you need to climb just to get back to square one.

Something to think about.


1) Foam Roll for 5 mins
90/90 x 60secs
Bretzel x 45 secs each side

2) Warm-up

8 Min steady pace
5 Muscle Cleans
5 Strict Press
5 FS
5 Push or Split Jerk

3 Rounds
A1) Single Leg Jump to 2 foot landing x 3 (L/R)
A2) Speed Skaters w pause on landing x 6 total

3) Strength

Option 1) Every 2 Mins for 10 mins
2 Position Clean (Floor, High Hang) 1+2 every minute

Option 2) No more than 15 mins
A1) RDL 3X6 (4-0-1)
A2) Anti Rotation Deadbug 3×5 (L/R)
Rest 1-2 mins
B1) Bulgarian Split Squat 2×10 (L/R) (4-0-1)
B2) SL Plank 2×30-40s
Rest 1 min

4) Conditioning

Option 1) 5 Rounds
3 Hang Power Cleans @ 70% of PC Max
6 S20
9 Burpees over Bar

Option 2) 5 Rounds
6 DB Power Cleans
6 DB Push Press
6 Burpees

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