Tip for your Tuesday

Tired of the old leg routine?

Try these Bulgarian Split Squats on for size….just make sure you start light because these puppy’s will blow your world up if you go too heavy too early.


1) Pre-activation

Foam Roll for 5 mins
90/90 x 60secs
Bretzel x 45 secs each side

2) Warm-up

3 Rounds
10 Half Kneeling Press (total)
10 Inch worms
10 Partner MB Chest Pass

3) Strength

Option 1) Rest 1:30 between all sets
1) Push Press + Push Jerk – 4×2+2 @ 75% of max Push Press

2) Half Chin-ups 4xME – slow descent half way down then up fast

Option 2) No more than 15 mins
A1) Waiters Walk 4x50m (25m each arm)
A2) Renegade Rows 4×12 (Total)
A3) Seated DB Arnold Press 4×12
Rest 1-2 mins

4) Conditioning

Option 1) 8 Min AMRAP
40ft KB Walking Lunge
15 Pushups
40ft KB Bear Crawl
15 V-ups

Option 2) 8 Min AMRAP
250M Row/200m Run
12 DB Step Ups (total)
8 DB Power Clean & Press

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