Christmas Schedule

Christmas is almost here!!

Time with family, big old presents and delicious foods!

This is one of my favorite times of the year and I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, reflecting on this past year, planning for the new one, and stuffing my face!

Now let’s get into the schedule this weekend. The days mentioned are the ONLY days with changes. If it’s not mentioned, it’s normal schedule.

Saturday, December 24th – Closed for Strength and Conditioning and Barbell Program.

Monday, December 26th – Launch at 8am, Strength & Conditioning at 9am only

You will find all the dates updated in the ZenPlanner app.


1. Pre-activation

Foam Roll for 5 mins
90/90 x 60secs
Bretzel x 45 secs each side

2. Warm-up

500m Row
Point & Shoot
Samson Stretch
Inch Worms
Lateral Lunge
500m Row

3×5 Box Jumps

3. Strength

Option 1)
1) Back Squat
10 @ bar
5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
3 @ 60%
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%

Hip flexor stretch 30s each side for rest

2) DB/KB Lateral Step Ups 3×8 each leg – add weight

Option 2)
A1) MB Squat Throws OH 4×8
A2) Bulgarian Split Squat 4×8 ea leg – add weight
A3) Wall Sits 4x30secs
2 min

B1) Side Plank 3x30s
B2) Anti-extension Deadbugs 3×10

4. Conditioning

2k Row for Time

If you did 2k Row on Saturday

1 Mile Run for Time

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