Tip for your Tuesday

Tired of the old leg routine? Try these Bulgarian Split Squats on for size….just make sure you start light because these puppy’s will blow your world up if you go too heavy too early. 11/8/16 1) Pre-activation Foam Roll for 5 mins 90/90 x 60secs Bretzel x 45 secs each side 2) Warm-up 3 Rounds 10 Half Kneeling Press (total) … Read More

Feeling Sluggish? Try This

Was talking with one of our member’s this morning about her diet lately and how she’s been feeling and she made the comment that she noticed an increase in sluggishness lately. Thankfully this member did a self evaluation and found some issues with her diet that were making her feel tired, run down, and just off. You know what the … Read More

Fiesta Friday.

Have you ever met someone who does not like tacos? I do not think I ever have. Tacos never fail to make your taste buds go crazy! Loaded with savory meat, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and a sharp kick of cheese- you can never go wrong! One thing I love about Tacos is that if you want- you can make … Read More

Find Your Key Log

When the first sawmills were established, they were usually small water powered facilities located near the source of the wood that they would mill. Later on, larger sawmills were built at the lower portion of the waterways (rivers) and logs were sent downstream from where they were cut by “log drivers”. These log drivers were usually deft at being able … Read More

Zucchini Sliders – Recipe

A lot happens during this time of year (maybe not Florida), but the leaves start changing, days get colder, the breeze starts to pick up, and — football. I enjoy football, but the parties are why I watch them. Friends screaming at the fumble when the opposing team makes a touchdown causing my Uncle Bill to knock over the cheese … Read More

What is your biggest weakness?

You’re showing up to the gym and putting in the work. Week after week you show up and after 8, 10, 12, 20 weeks you feel like your spinning your wheels. You feel stronger, more energy, made some great friends, and really enjoy it! Problem is though… The visual results aren’t there. Before we go on, let’s get this out … Read More


Couple quick updates! Guy’s Night: Bourbon and Steak is going down this Friday @ 7pm. Check the facebook group for more information. If you’re not on Facebook, please let me (Cale) know by Tuesday if you’re going. Need a head count for steaks! 6 Week Transformation Challenge: LAUNCH is starting a 6 Week Transformation Challenge tomorrow so if you see … Read More

3 Reasons to REMEMBER your numbers!

As coaches, we can’t help but get a little heavy-hearted when we ask a client a question such as, ‘What’s your 1RM clean?’ and we are met with a blank stare. Worse still is a confused look followed by, ‘Which one’s the clean again?’ Let me reiterate: WE DO NOT care what your numbers are. And we don’t even particularly … Read More

Improvement – Are You Tracking Your Workouts?

Yesterday we re-tested our old school assessment day and it was a great reminder why we should continue to track our workouts. Take Claire for example. When she started a little over a year ago, she posted some pretty impressive numbers but holy cow, yesterday she demolished them! 2015 2016 400m Ball Run 2:22 1:28 Pullups 1 6 Pushups 10 … Read More

Rowing Technique

Let your cornea’s bask in this beautiful display of rowing technique and let your mind swim through the calm waters otherwise known as rowing knowledge bombs that are being dropped so fast and so hard that you might think you’re in a Concept 2 war zone. Oh and you should probably look at this 🙂 8/25/16 1) Pre-activation Foam Roll … Read More