Couple quick updates! Guy’s Night: Bourbon and Steak is going down this Friday @ 7pm. Check the facebook group for more information. If you’re not on Facebook, please let me (Cale) know by Tuesday if you’re going. Need a head count for steaks! 6 Week Transformation Challenge: LAUNCH is starting a 6 Week Transformation Challenge tomorrow so if you see … Read More

Help Sponsor Coach Jennifer for the NYC Marathon!

As most of you know, Coach Jennifer is an avid endurance athlete, having competed in everything from a 5k to an ultra. This year she is working with an organization called Team 25:40 raising money to help save South Africa’s AID’s orphans. Let’s help get Jennifer to her goal of $2500! To donate, head to the link below here: Team … Read More

Member Spotlight – Jay Owen

Time to highlight one of our members – Jay Owen! Not only does he continue to crush workouts, but he also made this awesome website! Jay owns Design Extensions a design and marketing agency based out of Palencia. 1) What brought you to The Exchange? My wife, Claire, heard about it through Greg & Allison — we reached out to Cale … Read More

8 Great Stretches To Do At Home

Many times we find ourselves rushing in to the gym, jumping into the warm-up, rocking the strength, crushing the workout, then heading right back into our busy rat races without taking time to cool down and stretch properly. No judgement here, because I struggle with the same thing. Doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try to stretch. So in an effort … Read More

Homeostasis and Why We Backslide (Blog Share)

Here is an incredible article about homeostasis and why it’s so easy to move backwards. Please take a few minutes to read this extremely insightful post. Homeostasis and Why We Backslide On a side note, I want to touch on a few things to follow up on our programming. As you all have seen, we are offering several options each … Read More

Long and Slow

It’s very important to take a step back from the crazy, short and fast workout’s we typically have to get in a nice, long and slower workout. Working all the energy systems is key to becoming a well rounded athlete and neglecting the aerobic system is not good! The goal for tomorrow’s workout is to keep a steady pace throughout … Read More

Pool Party – Saturday 3:30-6:30pm

This Saturday it’s time for us to have some fun and kickoff the summer! Obviously we’re going to do this in style by hosting it at the Palencia pool and we can’t wait to have some fun in the sun with everyone! Summer Kickoff Party When: Saturday, June 11th, 3:30-6:30pm Where: Palencia Pool – near clubhouse What to bring: Your … Read More

Memorial Day – 9AM Class Only

This coming Monday we will have one class at 9AM for the day. It will be a fun one that might take a bit. You will have the opportunity to complete it as a team or individual, so if you want to do it with a partner, start lining that up! Another reminder is that our Summer Kick-Off Party is … Read More

Memorial Day Workout

In two weeks we will be remembering all the individuals that died in the line of duty, sacrificing their lives for us and the freedom we continue to enjoy. On May 30th we will be having one workout starting at 9am and it will go until it’s done. It will be a great opportunity for all of us to workout … Read More

The Secret Formula To Looking Better Than You Ever Have

Before you read the rest of this post, please prepare yourself. In this post you will find the secret formula to looking better and the sad part is many of you will read this and do everything you can to NOT follow this formula. It’s really quite simple, this formula. It didn’t take a long trek through the Himalayans trying … Read More