Tip for your Tuesday

Tired of the old leg routine? Try these Bulgarian Split Squats on for size….just make sure you start light because these puppy’s will blow your world up if you go too heavy too early. 11/8/16 1) Pre-activation Foam Roll for 5 mins 90/90 x 60secs Bretzel x 45 secs each side 2) Warm-up 3 Rounds 10 Half Kneeling Press (total) … Read More

Feeling Sluggish? Try This

Was talking with one of our member’s this morning about her diet lately and how she’s been feeling and she made the comment that she noticed an increase in sluggishness lately. Thankfully this member did a self evaluation and found some issues with her diet that were making her feel tired, run down, and just off. You know what the … Read More

Find Your Key Log

When the first sawmills were established, they were usually small water powered facilities located near the source of the wood that they would mill. Later on, larger sawmills were built at the lower portion of the waterways (rivers) and logs were sent downstream from where they were cut by “log drivers”. These log drivers were usually deft at being able … Read More


Couple quick updates! Guy’s Night: Bourbon and Steak is going down this Friday @ 7pm. Check the facebook group for more information. If you’re not on Facebook, please let me (Cale) know by Tuesday if you’re going. Need a head count for steaks! 6 Week Transformation Challenge: LAUNCH is starting a 6 Week Transformation Challenge tomorrow so if you see … Read More

Guy’s Night This Friday

Kid’s program registration is live! Head here to sign up your child today! We have programs for athletes from 3-15yrs old. Guy’s night is this Friday at 7pm at the Design Extensions office in Palencia Marketplace. If you’re not on Facebook, please shoot us an email or txt to let us know you’re going. We need to know by Wednesday at … Read More

What is your IT? Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of finding your IT, head here. Today we will take it a step further. You should have your three words that are most meaningful to you right now. The next step is to create a a statement that tells a story about living your life in the best way possible, using the three words that … Read More

Tempo Back Squats – Why?

We are moving into week two of our tempo back squats and I wanted to touch on why we are doing these. If you’ve been in fitness for awhile, tempo training (tempo = speed at which you do the movement) is sometimes seen as a bodybuilding training technique. While this is true, it’s also for anyone who does resistance training … Read More


Do you need some hump day motivation? Check this video out. 7/20/16 1) Pre-activation 90/90 x 10 Bretzle x 6 each side 2) Warm-up 21-15-9 @ steady pace Light Good mornings Light Strict Press 12-9-6 Burpees 200m 3) Strength Option 1) 10 Min EMOM 2 Cleans @ 70% + Option 2) 10 Min EMOM Min 1) 3 KB Cleans to … Read More

Member Spotlight – Jay Owen

Time to highlight one of our members – Jay Owen! Not only does he continue to crush workouts, but he also made this awesome website! Jay owns Design Extensions a design and marketing agency based out of Palencia. 1) What brought you to The Exchange? My wife, Claire, heard about it through Greg & Allison — we reached out to Cale … Read More

Why Box Squat? (Article link – Westside)

If you’ve been wondering why we’ve been box squatting and want to read about why some of the strongest people in the world do it, read the article below. Box Squatting Benefits **Reminder** Guy night is going down Friday, July 29th. A Facebook event page is being made so lookout for the invite. 7/18/16 1) Pre-activation 10 Reps of each … Read More