Prescription for
a Great Life

5 Steps to a Healthy, Long Life
& Sustainable Health

Fitness isn’t always about how much you can lift, how fast you can run, or how great you can look in a bathing suit. Which is why we believe in what we call the Prescription for a Great Life. Our prescription is made up of five things that, when done on a regular basis, can completely change every aspect of your life.

  • Exercise with intensity 3-5 times a week

    Training intelligently and with intensity multiple times per week to improve your strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, stamina, agility, coordination, and more.Intensity is a funny thing because it’s subjective. What’s intense to you, may not be intense for your friend and vice versa. That’s why it’s our job as coaches to make sure we get to know you, understand your goals, experience, and injury history to help you get the most out of your time in the gym.In a world fixated on the next crushing workout, it’s rare to find a training program that cares about how you’re going to feel in 20, 30, 40+ years.

  • Eat clean 80-90% of the time

    No matter what anyone tells you, diet is 90% of the game when it comes to living a long and healthy life. You could have the perfect training program, get just the right amount of sleep, but without a proper diet, you’d be treading water.Thankfully eating clean doesn’t mean you have to eat dried chicken and broccoli! Eating healthy, nutrient dense foods is easier than ever, as long as you’re willing to eat them.

  • Play sports regularly/Learn a new sport

    Your body is an incredible machine that was designed to move through space in every dimension. Unfortunately, our current culture puts a higher price tag on money than movement, confining most people to chairs all day.We encourage our members to break the mold by playing sports regularly and learning a new sport at least once a year. This way you can show off all your hard work in the gym!

  • Get out in nature at least once a week

    Stress is at all time high, even with the time-saving aspects of technology. Because of this, we think that getting out in nature once a week will do you a world of good! Not only will this help lower your stress levels, but it helps make you feel and look fitter.We live in such a beautiful area with almost year around perfect weather, so we have zero excuse to not get outside and enjoy it!

  • Embark on an adventure at least once a year

    This might be the hardest part to do, but it’s by far the most fun, especially if you like traveling!Want to live a long and healthy life? Go on an adventure at least once a year!This might be a hiking trip in the Rockies, or a surf trip to Bali. Maybe you’d rather backpack around Europe, or climb the Matterhorn. The key is to go do it.

We’d like to help you make these things routine in your life.

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