Basic Plan

With our basic plan, our members will get one goal setting session where you will be taught how to enter your food properly into a food logging app. You will also receive an extensive food list that will be your suggested food over the next 30 days. Finally, you will have specific measurements taken including weight and BMI to set your starting point.

Accountability Plan

This plan will include aspects of our basic plan, but with much more accountability. In addition to setting up your food log and food list, you will receive weekly texts, measurements, and consultations. Progress will be analyzed continually along the way. Finally, there will be one follow up session to assess your overall progress for the 30 days and to reset your goals moving forward.

Customized Plan

Our customized plan will be tapered to your specific needs based on several consultations with our registered dietitian. This will be a very life specific plan that takes into account your "why" of taking on this journey in the first place. You will dig deeper into what works for you and ways that you can implement a change in your daily lifestyle. Through this process, you will gain a better understanding of what it will take for you to make living healthy a priority in your life.

Let us know what plan will work for you!

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