This is my story

“I came to my first class at The Exhange extremely skeptical of what I would gain from this gym. I figured this would be a good place to help keep my strength in the off season. However, I have been completely shocked by how much I fell in love with The Exchange. I am a collegiate ice hockey player and The Exhange has been an incredible place to train. Each month or so the coaches create programs that help work on and develop your power, strength, agility, and endurance. Not only has The Exchange made me stronger in the sense of lifting more weight, it has built my endurance tremendously, allowing me to work hard for long periods of time which is exactly what I need for my sport. Aside from the workouts themselves, the coaches are amazing in making you feel welcome, developing your form, and pushing you to do your best. They care about each and every member and is the reason they show up every day. In short, The Exchange Fitness has been a blessing in disguise for my development as a college athlete. From the challenging yet developmental workouts to the amazing coaches, The Exchange is a great place for high school and college athletes to grow.” 

~ Morgan M