This is our story

“My husband, our 12-year-old daughter, and I love The Exchange Fitness! We attend at least 4 times a week, taking part in the evening classes. I was the first out of our family to join The Exchange followed by my husband. Then, after watching us work out for all those months, our daughter who struggled to get involved in any kind of sports or activities due to lack of interest and confidence, became a member. Having our daughter join was something that we were so excited about as she doesn’t participate in any other sports or activities. Trying to get her into something she would love and feel confident in was a very hard task for us. After some one-on-one training, we were so happy to hear that she loved it and wanted to join the gym family. Not only is working out as a family so much fun, but we also get to encourage one another and see each other’s progress.

The Exchange Fitness is a place where we feel part of a family, within an amazing group of supportive and talented coaches and a community of awesome members! No one gets left behind, everyone is positive and encourages one another to keep pushing and to not give up. There is always a good atmosphere at the gym and something we as a family look forward to being a part of, no matter what kind of day we have had outside of the gym. Once we arrive, we automatically feel focused and ready to workout. We love the fun and challenging workouts, as well as partner workouts and all the other fun community events The Exchange Fitness takes part in. We made the best decision when we joined this gym and have come so far in our journeys. We are looking forward to the many more workouts and challenges ahead as well as continuing to see amazing results!”

~ The Roberts